Emailing clients in FireHawkCRM is a breeze, and when they reply, the email comes back into Firehawk. If a member of your team is on leave, anybody else on the team can pick up where they left off and create a seamless experience for your customer.


Add Contacts to Clients in FireHawkCRM and you can easily communicate with them. Setup email and SMS templates and your whole team is singing the same song. Consistency of voice is really important and templates ensure that what you say and when you say it aren’t confusing for your clients.


FireHawk CRM uses the Firebase Realtime Engine to deliver results immediately when data is changed. Multiple users can work in the same record at the same time and when a value is changed by one user it automatically updates on the screens of the other users without needing to refresh the page.



We’re currently building a set of integrations which include Xero, Slack,¬†WooCommerce, Google Calendar, WordPress and a Restful API which enables limitless connections to various services around the web.


We have built a complete form exporter into FireHawk CRM, which enables clients to seamlessly send data from the CRM to a PDF form of their choice. Which means that if you have 10 forms to fill out for a single client you only have to press the export button once for each form and the fields in the form will be populated with the client’s stored information. (Some form setup is required.)


Task management is quick and easy inside FireHawk CRM. Using a Kanban board with swimlanes which are built by you from your tasks statuses. This enables you to visualise your entire task hierarchy in one place and using drag and drop enables the ability to move those tasks across swimlanes.


Tracking inventory has never been easier. With FireHawk CRM’s custom stock and asset management tools you’re able to give stock a location as well as produce inventory orders in and inventory purchases out.


FireHawk CRM is a one stop shop for all your quoting needs. You’re able to build quotes using stock items inside FireHawk CRM and also once a quote has been sent to a client you can not only see when it’s been opened but also when they’ve opened the link to view the quote which is invaluable if you need more information to further the client relationship.


Our current iOS apps are extensions of the web-based version of FireHawk CRM which we have created. We are constantly updating the apps to keep up to date with all the latest features from the web version. The iOS app is available for both iPad and iPhone.


Our integrated online calendar is designed to keep teams organised. You can schedule meetings, leave and events quickly by checking a coworkers’ availability and receive alerts when new events are added. Fully optimised and accessible, you can view and edit your schedule from any device.


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*** FireHawk CRM is currently in pre-release alpha, that means there may be some bugs for us to squash and some features we’ve yet to add. It’s very much a work in progress, but don’t get us wrong, it’s a fully functional and robust package that is currently running not only our own but other businesses. If you’d like to learn more about our software, or are currently using FireHawk CRM and would like to request a feature or notify us of an exisiting issue, you can contact us here.